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Cinco mensagens-­‐chave para a educação inclusiva / Five Key Messages for Inclusive Education

Documento apresentado pela Agencia Europeia para Necessidades Especiais e Educação Inclusiva. Bem abrangente e explicativo. Para baixar o arquivo .pdf em português, ver link abaixo.

This document presents five relevant messages presented by the Agency and debated in groups during the International Conference in November 2013. Participants were invited to contribute to and debate these five key messages:
  • As early as possible: the positive impact of early detection and intervention as well as of proactive measures.
  • Inclusive education benefits all: the positive educational and social impact of inclusive education.
  • Highly qualified professionals: the importance of having highly qualified professionals in general, and teachers in particular.
  • Support systems and funding mechanisms: the need for well-established support systems and related funding mechanisms.
  • Reliable data: the important role played by data, as well as benefits and limitations of its use.
These key messages summarise an essential part of the work conducted by the Agency in the last decade and address relevant issues in the field of inclusive education.

Em português: Cinco mensagens-­‐chave para a educação inclusiva

En Castellano: Cinco Mensajes Clave para la Educación Inclusiva

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