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Autismo e uso do vaso sanitário - dicas em inglês de um blog

(originally written & published on December 16, 2011)

 I’ve written many times on my Autism Daddy Facebook Page about how we’ve successfully potty trained Kyle…3 different times.  He regressed and lost his potty training twice.  We just retrained him back in September and so far, so good… although he did have 3 pee-pee accidents this week.
Regardless we don’t blame the regression on the potty training method we use.  That’s just Kyle’s M.O.   He regresses and loses things.  I think the potty training method we use is solid and the fact that we’ve successfully trained a non-verbal severe asd kid who doesn’t have the greatest receptive language either is pretty impressive if I do say so myself.  So hats off to my wife (who does that VAST MAJORITY of the potty training) and to one of his ABA therapists who gave us this program a few years back.  I’m going to attach the actual official word documents that lay out the programs for both urination & bowel movements (bm’s).

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