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Inclusive Education and Autism

The Inclusion Notebook
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Esta série de textos resume bem teorias, programas, abordagens inclusivas e educacionais para pessoas com autismo de todas as idades.

" This issue of the Inclusion Notebook highlights the topic of teaching children
with autism in the general education setting. In this edition we present educational
models and practices that are designed to meet the unique needs of children with
autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) in a manner that enables them to be educated in an
inclusive setting. Rather than focusing on treatment interventions designed to address
isolated skill areas, we present information on educational approaches that serve as a
framework for meeting the individual needs of students with ASD while in the regular
education classroom. We have included articles on the rationale for implementing
inclusive models designed for students with ASD as well as articles on student experiences
and parent perspectives regarding the inclusive education for their children with
ASD. The pull-out section includes an overview of several different models that can
be utilized to educate students ages three through adulthood using inclusive practices,
as well as a summary of key components necessary in any inclusive program. (...)"

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