terça-feira, 2 de setembro de 2014

Tecnologia e autismo - texto da NAS - The National Autistic Society - Reino Unido

Using technology – computers, gamers and other devices - is a popular leisure time activity for people with autism. Here we provide practical guidance to parents of children with autism to help them get the most benefit from technology and avoid associated problems. The guidance is based on new research evidence from The University of Edinburgh.

Why use technology?

When using technology, children with autism:

  • can learn new skills
  • are often more motivated
  • often show better concentration
  • often initiate more contact with those around them, eg talking to their peers or showing teachers and parents what they have done
  • can be an expert, make choices and direct their own learning and play
  • might find ways to regulate their well-being - watching the same YouTube clip over and over might seem pointless, but it might be helping your child to manage their anxiety or just relax.

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