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Bullying: Growing up with Aspergers by ROLAND ASKEW

My name is Roland. I am now 36. I have a condition called Asperger's Syndrome (or Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD).

It means my brain thinks and works a little differently. Social nuances and norms, conversation, culture, making friends, romance, all of these things were very alien to me as a child. I had few friends growing up, poor social skills, and my personal development was behind my peers. I was diagnosed late (at 28) and had no support in school or as a young adult.

The bullying was started by one person. It began with insults, put downs and escalated. They pressured other kids to bully me. Later, they identified when I was making new friends and persuaded those kids to bully me too.

It started in public such as in the playground and later outside of school. When it escalated, they followed me into toilet blocks.

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